What is a Slot?

In American football, the slot is a position on the field on which a player lines up on either side of the offense. Often, more than one slot receiver will line up on the field, as many as three will be on the field at once. When multiple slot receivers are lined up on the field, they are called Inside Slots or Outsides Slots. The position is a cross between a safety and a wide receiver. The cornerback who plays in the slot is also known as a nickel or inside slot cornerback, because it is not a traditional backfield player. This term is used to describe the extra defensive backs on a defense. This means that there are five defensemen on a team.


In the United States, a slot is an authorization to operate an aircraft at a particular airport. It’s used to control air traffic, and it helps prevent repeated delays caused by several flights arriving and departing at the same time. The term “slot” is also used to describe a job opening, assignment, or job title. In newspapers, a slot may represent a Chief Copy Editor. In the aviation industry, a slot is an authorized slot, which means that it is used only for certain kinds of flights.

If you’ve ever been in an airport and had to wait in line, you’ve probably been in the Slot. The “Slot” on the airport’s tarmac serves as the entrance to the terminal. A slot is a narrow opening that is surrounded by many different planes. The slot is the center of the terminal, and its name refers to the ringing bells that can be heard when a plane arrives and lands.