How to Increase the House Edge in Slot Machines


You’ve probably wondered what a slot machine’s payout percentage is, and whether or not it actually pays out. Slot machines are actually very simple computers. Thousands of times per second, they run a small program to figure out what will happen next before the reels stop spinning. The outcome of the game is determined before the reels even stop spinning. But that doesn’t mean the machine is cheating. Each spin of the reels is an independent event.

Increasing the house advantage in slot machines is hard work for casino owners. While casino managers are under tremendous pressure to boost slot revenues, they do not want to kill the golden goose by increasing prices. Players who detect the concealed price increases may choose to play at a different casino. This perception is difficult to overcome, so many casino operators have resisted the temptation to boost their slot revenue. However, this is changing. Here are some tips to increase your slot’s house advantage:

The most important tip to maximize your chances of winning is to play the maximum coins. You can increase your chances of winning by playing maximum coins in the jackpot slots, but don’t make the mistake of trying to play for maximum coins with the minimum bet. The payout table will show you the odds of winning a particular combination. To make things easier, you should use bonus features to earn more cash. Make sure that you read the pay table carefully to understand the payout percentages for each slot machine.